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Phoenix Wing Web Services was founded in 2012 by Edward Matdat and Donald Gill to provide first rate Web Design and hosting facilities to the Southern Cape Peninsula within the Cape Town Metropole..

Edward has been operating his web design services since 2007. Edward is self-taught in computer programming and web design. Donald founded in early 2001 as a web portal for the Fish Hoek Valley community. There followed a series of local websites all providing free links and listings to local organisations and businesses as well as tourist information. The site is, and has been, first in Google since 2005 and has achieved nearly 7 million hits since that year.

Their shared commitment to excellence and service drew them together and led to foundation of the new enterprise.

Edward has always valued the symbol of the Phoenix as the fiery bird eternally rising from the ashes. Wing means upliftment and highlights Donald's commitment to the community particularly the disadvantaged.

Phoenix Wing prides itself on the quality of its products and support. It offers 24/7 advice to its new and existing clients. It also understands the concept of value for money. We charge a commercial rate but make sure that it is fair.

Finally Phoenix Wing is a webservice that recognises the growth in e-commerce, advertising and business, that makes the www essential to modern enterprises. That is why we work WITH you to achieve the content and the look that you want.

Trust us with your website/internet needs and join us in our comittment to excellence and service to this community.